Pro Surfer Ellie-Jean Coffey's Hottest Instagram Pics Will Remind You Of Summer For All The Right Reasons

We're going to go on a mini rant right now, so bear with us: How on earth does pro surfer Ellie-Jean Coffey only have 870,000 Instagram followers, guys? This is a woman who, at 22 years old, isn't even in the prime of her surfing career, yet, after just one look at her, is definitely capable of grabbing the boys' attention. And, in case you haven't noticed, Ellie's Instagram account is proof of that! From reenacting that iconic, slow-motion Baywatch run — as we've shown you before — to flaunting what the good lord gave her, Ellie is about as hot as a BBQ in the middle of the desert during the 4th of July.

Hailing from Australia, the blonde bombshell is more than just a pretty face, though, with a top-100 ranking on the pro surf circuit, a budding modeling career and endorsements with companies like Billabong — who are making a wise investment in making her the face of their brand.

More than being really good at surfing though, Ellie-Jean Coffey's been known to show some skills on a skateboard, too, with her riding around the streets in jean shorts and/or bikini tops with her sister, Holly-Daze Coffey, who's every bit as flawless as older sis is. Dubbed the "Aussie Kardashians" by various outlets in their native continent thanks to their looks and penchant for grabbing headlines, we're not sure there's anything that can stop this family from continuing to get the Internet's attention.

One thing's for damn sure, though, if there's a way we could get Ellie-Jean Coffey to teach us how to surf, we'd be pretty darn happy with making an ass out of ourselves in order to spend a little bit of time with her — because, wow, who the hell wouldn't want to?!?

Lead image via Instagram/elliejeancoffey.

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