Pro Skateboarder Elliot Sloan Tells Us What It's Like Pulling Jaw-Dropping Tricks

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We all know that skateboarding isn't the easiest sport to conquer. Hell, many of us struggle with the simple movement of walking and talking on a cell phone at the same time, so imagine the difficulty in getting on a narrow board with four wheels that you've actually got to balance on? Yeah, it can be disastrous.

One man who hasn't had too much trouble with the sport is Elliot Sloan, who's a pro boarder and musician — talk about talented — and just won the Gold medal in the Big Air category at the 2017 X-Games, where he flawlessly landed an Indy 900—a trick that has never been done before.

The video, which has since gone viral, shows the skill it takes to even attempt such a trick, let alone actually pull it off.


Prior to becoming a nine-time X-Games medalist — which includes three golds — Elliot Sloan was just a skater in New York City, who, after being discovered by skateboarder Kevin Staab, introduced Sloan to the legend, Tony Hawk.

With a passion for music as well — the dude even has a recording studio in his house — Elliot Sloan not only cheats death with jaw-dropping tricks on a board, but also writes his own music.

We got to sit down with the dude and ask him a few things about his life — which, let's face it, sounds a hell of a lot more exciting than any of ours.

FHM: Let's Start With The Simple Question: Are You Nuts? You Just Pulled Off A Never-Before-Seen Indy 900 To Win Gold In Big Air At The X-Games!

Elliot Sloan: "Um, I don’t know how to answer that one… I guess I am!?!"

FHM: In Skateboarding, Are You Your Biggest Critic? I Mean, No One's Going To Push You To Do Something New Or Daring Other Than Yourself, Right?

Sloan: "Yeah, I'm definitely my biggest critic in all aspects of life. Other friends make suggestions sometimes, but, ultimately, it’s you that has to want to push it or try something new."

FHM: Like So Many Skaters, Tony Hawk Was A Huge Influence On You, With Your Start Actually Coming After Meeting Him. Can You Talk About How He Inspired You To Take The Leap Into Skating As A Career?

Sloan: "Oh, yeah, Tony was a huge influence! I saw him on TV and was just really inspired by how good he and everyone else was, and I wanted to be that good. I didn’t even think about it as a career."

FHM: You're Not JUST A Skateboarder, Though, Even Dabbling In Playing Guitar And Writing Your Own Music. What's Your Bigger Passion Between The Two?

Sloan: "Wow, that's a tough one… I’d say music."

FHM: When You're Soaring Through The Air, What's The One Thing Running Through Your Mind? Fear, Excitement, Adrenaline Or A Combo Of Things?

Sloan: "Nothing really, just trying to relax. Too many things going on in your mind can lead to bad things happening, man."

FHM: OK, We've Got To Ask: Worst Injury? We Know You've Got Some Gruesome Ones, Right?

Sloan: "I almost broke my neck once. I pretty much slammed straight on top of my head and compressed two discs. It took a whole year of physical therapy before it felt somewhat normal again."

FHM: Last Question: What's The One Basic A New Skater Should Focus On?

Sloan: "Just having fun and being patient. Remember, nothing happens overnight."

Check out more from skater Elliot Sloan by following him on Instagram and peeping his Facebook page.

Lead Image via David Pang.

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