The CEO Of Tesla Drops Major 'Model Y' Details And We're Like A Couple O' Kids In A Candy Store

Image Via Business Insider

The details of Tesla's Model Y have flown pretty under the radar up until this point. If I had to compare the plans for this car to anything else in history, I would throw The Manhattan Project into the ring as the same level of secrecy. Except unlike The Manhattan Project the end result of this will ideally be joyous, even though you most likely won't be able to afford this whip without taking out a second mortgage or selling a kidney on the black market, but still...better than an atomic bomb!

According to The Verge—"The Model Y, an all-electric compact SUV, is expected to start production in 2020, but could hit the assembly line as soon as late 2019, Musk said. And contrary to previous assumptions, the Model Y will be built on a “completely different” platform from the upcoming mass-market Model 3. Musk said he also plans to ditch the 12-volt battery architecture used in Tesla’s other vehicles, which could dramatically reduce the length of electric wiring needed and simplify the production process. Less wiring means more automation in the production process, and Musk has said he plans to introduce more robots into Tesla’s production line."

This is all part of Tesla's plan to deliver 1 million cars by 2020 and while we have zero doubt that they'll live up to their promise, we do suggest you take a look at THIS if you're planning on buying stock in the company. Then again, most people can't afford to actually BUY a Tesla, let alone invest in Tesla stock. But hey! What do I know? If you're a Mr. Moneybags reading this, do your thang! Although, can I just say in all honesty, I'm partial to Audi. Sorry not sorry!

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