Elon Musk Started Selling Flamethrowers And Of Course, He's Making Bank

Image via Instagram

Leave it Elon Musk to start selling flamethrowers, yes, flamethrowers, and already amassing sales upward of $3.5 million in a matter of 24 hours. While we're not exactly surprised to see a product like this flying off the shelves, we can't help but be stunned at the sheer numbers. According to Fortune over 700,000 units have already been purchased during The Boring Company's product pre-sale. For $500.00 per unit, coupled with a fire-extinguisher for $30.00, consumers are making it rain for a flamethrower that Musk insists in one Instagram post is perfect for "roasting nuts".

Granted, beyond roasting nuts, this flamethrower is perfect for a number of other odd jobs, like, say, killing zombies during an apocalyptic invasion, for example. Of course, Musk tweeted that should a zombie apocalypse take place and his flamethrower doesn't work, you'll get your money back. What an upstanding businessman, huh? We wonder how you'll submit for a refund once your brains have been eaten, but, hey! At least the offer is on the table.

In what started as a joke, as a means of bringing hat sales to The Boring Company, has literally become an overnight flame-throwing sensation. It just goes to show that anything Musk gets his hands on (or tweets about) will undoubtedly hit viral status in a matter of minutes. If anything, he's a bit like Donald Trump in that respect. Except, you know, instead of causing the demise of human civilization, he's protecting it.

We've got to say, while $500.00 might seem like a steep price to pay for what's clearly an adult toy (no, not that kind), it looks pretty freakin' awesome. Elon Musk is an upstanding kind of guy and we have no shame in throwing more product sales his way. If you're looking to purchase The Boring Company flamethrower, you can head here. Our only advice? Don't use it to light a joint! We won't be responsible for your burnt off eyelashes.

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