Mixing Business With Pleasure? Embarrassing Text From Lady To Client Will Have You Rethinking That

Image via Shutterstock

It's always unfortunate when, following a night of getting hammered and waking up with a massive headache, you check your phone to see a handful of drunken texts to people ranging from your best friend to your ex-girlfriend's parents. No shame, right?

And while we wish we could turn back the hands of time in that moment and hideaway someplace where everyone just forgot, forgave and moved on, when you text a client of yours during a drunken escapade, that's even a little more awkward. It happens, though, and it's got to be super embarrassing when it does.

Now, this was nothing but a harmless mistake, but, still, what do you think people were talking about around the water cooler the next morning? I've got a good hunch this was it.

H/T BroBible