'Game Of Thrones' Mega Babe, Emilia Clarke, Goes Topless For 'The Voice From The Stone'

The ever-gorgeous Emilia Clarke, most commonly known as Khalessi or Mother of Dragons on the hit HBO show Game of Thrones is seriously bringing on the heat for her new film project.

Emilia will be starring in *The Voice From The Stone' which is set to take place in the 1950s. Clarke plays a nurse named Verona who is hired to look after a troubled boy who refuses to speak following the death of his mother. She later develops a romantic relationship with the boy's father, but apparently it's a bit more chilling than your average passion fueled flick. She's received rave reviews thus far for her performance, which isn't surprising given her kickass acting chops on GoT.

Clarke is also set to play in a new Han Solo movie coming out in 2018 which is awesome! It's great to see more of the beauty and we have no doubt her career is going to continue to grow and prosper beyond Westeros. Speaking of which, I just wanted to remind ya'll that Game of Thrones will be back in July! It's a bit later than their usual April premiere date, but hopefully it'll be worth the wait!

The Daily Mail

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