Emily Head

Full name: Emily Rose Head
DOB: December 15, 1988
Place of birth: London, England
Occupation: Actress

Emily Head Facts

Said that producers didn't know she was Anthony Head's daughter when she came in to audition for a role as...Anthony Head's character's daughter.

She's from near Bath in Somerset, and once won the prestigious Mid-Somerset Festival Solo Shakespeare Award. We think it's one below an Oscar.

She trained at the BRIT School in Croydon.

Why We Love Emily Head

School won’t last forever but the image of Emily's flirtatious character, Carly D’Amato, is undoubtedly etched in the back of our minds for eternity. It’s all too easy to see why Simon (Joe Thomas) has been obsessed with her since she was eight - yep, that sounds pretty wrong but it’s the scriptwriters Damon Beesley and Ian Morris’s fault and hopefully we’ve avoided an investigation from the coppers.

The gorgeous 21-year-old has had a busy time filming the new series of The Inbetweeners and her unbuttoned shirt and Moulin Rouge looking pink corset outfit in ‘the fashion show’ was sure to re-ignite the nations keyboards after the fires from her latest FHM photo shoot had just been extinguished. With a body like that she should definitely come with a health and safety warning. Although Emily hasn’t been in that many programmes don’t go tuning into CBBC to catch her on the kid’s show M.I high (like Spooks, but with cap guns instead of Kalashnikov’s), you’ll just have to wait for The Inbetweeners movie next year.

Still Emily is no stranger to hanging around on set because she used to go to work with her dad – Anthony Head. Yep, he is Giles from that little known show Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Maybe that explains the huge career jump from children’s shows to a show based around puerile humour for grown ups who should know better? That said he lets her do her own thing, which turns out to be FHM photo shoots. Sweet.