Emily Ratajkowski And 'Breaking Bad's' Aaron Paul To Star In A SUPER Sinister Thriller (And We're Psyched)

Image Via Instagram/emrata

Aaron Paul was respectively the best actor on Breaking Bad. Of course, Bryan Cranston was amazing in his own right, but if you're basing the success of a character on their ability to be dynamic, by way of growing and changing throughout the plot, then Paul takes the cake. For those of you who haven't indulged in BB, wtf are you doing? Hop to it! It's on Netflix, so you have zero excuse.

Emily Ratajkowski on the other hand isn't exactly known for her Oscar award winning performances. This isn't to say she's not a talented actress, but rather hasn't been given the strong lead roles that could really showcase her skills. In Gone Girl, as Andy, she was basically meant to portray a ditzy-unassuming-undergrad with great breasts. Don't get me wrong, she nailed it, but she's so much more than that. I won't even get started on We Are Your Friends, that movie was an abomination to cinema. That's what happens when you let the dude who cohosts Catfish do anything outside of MTV. I'll admit to having seen it more than once, but still, it was because NOTHING ELSE was on. While Ratajkowski's performance was the only tolerable one, again, she deserves better material.

Anyway, we KNOW Aaron Paul is immensely talented and we know that Emily Ratajkowski is crazy-beautiful with the potential for some serious acting chops so we couldn't have been happier to find out that these two will be starring in a new Thriller-Romance, Welcome Home.

According to The Hollywood Reporter: "The story centers on a couple who spend a weekend at a rental home in the Italian countryside to repair their relationship, but soon become victims of the homeowner's sinister plans."

Think The Strangers meets The Talented Mr. Ripley. Well, at least that's the vibe I'm getting!

Aaron Paul posted this to Instagram and we're happy to hear he's just as excited as we are! You better believe we'll share the trailer the second it drops!

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