Emily Ratajkowski Launches Her New Swimwear Line As Only She Can (Hint: It's Super Sexy)

My, oh my, that Emily Ratajkowski sure knows how to get the attention of the Internet, doesn't she? This shouldn't a shock to anyone considering she's paid to do such things, yet, somehow, EmRata continues to shock us with the photos she poses in. This time, she's taken to Instagram, yet again, to stun audiences with what she does best... wearing very little clothing.

In case you haven't already noticed, that Emily Ratajkowski Instagram account is still one of the most sizzling things on the Internet. With over 15.6 million followers and a penchant for doing all things hot, it's no wonder the 26-year-old Emily Ratajkowski just keeps on getting looks on looks. And, now that she just launched her own swimwear line, Inamorata Swim, we can all just assume sexy things will continue to come our way.


At least, that's the assumption after seeing some of the first photos for the swim line, as Emily Ratajkowski tapped herself (shocking) as the go-to model to show-off her designs. With photos shot by Olivia Malone, Ratajkowski had a vision and, wow, was it ever sexy!

There are several different looks that the bombshell Emily models, but the one that seems to be her favorite is the one-piece — and we're literally talking about just one piece of clothing on her! That's because Emily Ratajkowski looks to be a fan of the hand bra and tiny bottom look a lot in these pics. Hey, we can't argue with her, uh, artistic vision, if you will, 'cause it's something that works well for her.

With our sexiest women in the world list just about finished for this year, Emily's really making us wonder if she should move up with this last-minute push. After all, it's pretty tough not staring at the latest Emily Ratajkowski pics and think, "yep, no woman is sexier than she is."

Lead image via Getty, several images below photographed by Olivia Malone.

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