Emily Ratajkowski Hasn't Been Shy In Showing Off Some Killer Cleavage Lately (And It's A Good Look For Her)

We're not sure why, but, for some reason, it feels as if we haven't written about Emily Ratajkowski lately. That's a very, very bad thing, too, because the 26-year-old brunette is such a stunner that, realistically, she could be written about every single day. And, naturally, EmRata has given us plenty of reasons to do so today.


That's because Emily Ratajkowski's Instagram account has been chock full of sexy photos of the stunning model (again), with Emily making sure she doesn't hold back much of anything as she shows off her curves and cleavage. Something tells us she enjoys doing things like this in the comfort of her own home just because she can. Seriously, if you looked this good every day, wouldn't you just walk around the house in your skivvies? Maybe we're just being vain, but we would.

In addition to the pics that Ratajkowski's been posting, she also teased the upcoming LOVE magazine advent calendar shoot — which she's taken part in the past few years — giving us this little Boomerang video as a teaser. Yes, it's very hot.

More than just a pretty face, though, Emily Ratajkowski is a serious influencer in women's rights, too, unafraid to speak up on serious issues and making sure she represents what she already is; a strong woman who knows what she wants. Don't believe us? Just look at what she said to Vogue magazine in July about her own expectations being the one that matters most.

"Seriously, I'm so hard on myself and if I don’t like something, I already feel all the things," she said, admitting the most important opinion to her is her own.

That's some solid advice from Emily Ratajkowski, and it's pretty cool to see her be so candid when it comes to various topics. Guess that's just part of the reason why, oh, everyone on the planet seems to have a crush on her.

Ratajkowski's strong, gorgeous and is someone your parents would happily approve of — now if only it were possible to, you know, actually date her, things would be ace.

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