Emma Watson's Private Pics Have Leaked After Falling Victim To Online Hack

Image Via Shutterstock

I'm not against nude photographs whatsoever, but only when there's consent involved. It's really not acceptable to hack into or otherwise steal someone's private images and then share them with the internet at large! Especially someone as kind, intelligent, and talented as Emma Watson. Seriously, she's playing a Disney Princess for chrissakes! How much sweeter can you be?

According to The Telegraph, a spokesperson for Emma Watson commented:

"Photos from a clothes fitting Emma had with a stylist a couple of years ago have been stolen. They are not nude photographs."


"Lawyers have been instructed and we are not commenting further."

So while the content of these images remains to be seen, the leak has in fact been confirmed. There are a couple of rumors as to where the pictures are located. Some suggest the dark web, which is an encrypted area of the internet that requires certain software to gain entry. This is where you would go to access, say, child pornography or human trafficking websites. Other people have mentioned an anonymous website called, "4chan" where posts get deleted shortly after submission.

It's pretty hard to speculate as to why Emma is a target. As mentioned before, she's an amazing woman. A few people have linked this hack to her feminist ideals, which of course, would be a ridiculous retaliation.

There's definitely more to come with this story and possibly even more victims of the leak. Already, Amanda Seyfried is being mentioned as another female celebrity in this very same situation, by the same hacker. I guess some people really do just have a lot of time on their hands.


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