Warm Up Your Winter With These Blow-Out BBQ Ribs (That Really Bring Heat)


“You better not be getting bummed out about summer coming to an end soon, because now is when we get the best weather, and you know what that means… the most kick-ass BBQ sessions. Everyone’s chilled, everyone’s relaxed, and everyone’s happy to kick back for three hours and wait for a dose of awesomeness.

Ribs, man. Ribs. That’s what you need to be eating this month. They’re every man’s favourite food. Forget manners; you’re allowed to eat with your hands, make a mess and be excused for having bits stuck between your teeth. It turns men into cavemen, and every dude needs that now and again. Sure, steaks are great and manly, but they’re a bit foreign to humans. Ribs are right there, dude! You can feel them on you, you can see your own, you get it! It’s quite cannibalistic, which is weird, but hell, they taste so good.

If you’re gonna do one thing, make sure you’re adding a great woody, smoky flavour. Burn up some cherry or apple wood to take this to the next level, then get stuck in and feel like a motherfucking Viking.”


Cooking time
3 hours on a preheated 115°C barbecue


1 tbsp freshly cracked black pepper

1 tsp of cayenne pepper

1 tbsp of garlic powder

1 tbsp of cumin

1 tsp of smoked papricka

Two racks of pork ribs

A bottle of American classic yellow mustard

Maple syrup

Barbecue sauce

Serves: 2-3



Step 1

Throw all your dry ingredients into a bowl and mix them. If your ribs have a fleshy membrane on the inside, rip it off to allow flavour to enter the meat, then slather both sides with mustard. Now sprinkle your mix all over. “There’s no need to pat it down,” DJ BBQ says. “That mustard is the glue that’ll keep if from going anywhere.”

Step 2

Cook the meat for one hour on each side, then remove the ribs from the heat. Lay each rack on to a sheet of tin foil and brush on a coat of maple syrup. “You do this for moisture, sweetness and the essential stickiness that any kick-ass rib needs,” DJ BBQ says. Cover the racks completely with the foil and return them to the heat.

Step 3

Forty minutes later, take the ribs out of the foil. Cover them in barbecue sauce ?to create a glaze. Ramp up the heat to high and return the meat, without the foil, to the barbecue for 15-20 mins. Once they’re done, get the hell stuck in there.


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