Drink Enough Energy Drinks And You Might Become A Coke Head (According To New Study)

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I think anyone who isn't aware by now that energy drinks are essentially liquid poison has done a very good job of avoiding major news channels (and their nagging mother). I mean, I feel as if this was definitely nipped in the bud back in the mid-2000's when everyone was convinced that Red Bull actually had cocaine in it. As it turns out, no, it doesn't have cocaine in it, but if you drink enough of em' you might just start doing that yayo faster than you can say Narcos Season 3. As per the Toronto Sun

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"According to researchers at the University of Maryland's School of Public Health, young adults who said they consumed energy drinks between the ages of 21 and 24 were at a greater risk of doing cocaine or prescription stimulants for non-medical uses. The study recruited 1,099 participants when they were 18-year-old college students. More than half of the participants fell into the group with a "persistent trajectory" - meaning they continued to consume energy drinks over time. Members of this group were "significantly" more likely to use stimulant drugs."

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In truth, it's really not revolutionary information. Legal substance use generally leads to illegal substance use. It's similar to when people are prescribed opiate-based medication for an injury and then start using recreationally when they've been healed. The human body is nothing if not remarkable at wanting more, more, more of these addictive substances. Caffeine and subsequently amphetamines, most certainly fit the bill.

Also, just look at what Red Bull's Instagram page consists of! I wouldn't be surprised if some of these folks were on something.

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