25-Year-Old Math Teacher Arrested After Being Caught With Three Male Students

I'm not entirely sure when it became such common practice to engage in sexual activity with young male students, but it seems that every other day, I see attractive, female teachers in their early-mid twenties getting caught with their pants down — literally.

I get it, the age gap isn't too great, the power dynamic doesn't feel too off and the lines get blurred. Hell, I know a ton of people who are going to look at the pictures of this young teacher and say, "Who would complain about sleeping with her?!" Well, fact is, there are laws in place for a reason and if this were a male teacher with THREE female students, we'd be singing a far different tune right now. Don't sleep with your students, point blank.

According to COED, "McAuliffe has charged with three counts of sexual activity with a student and one count of indecent liberties with a minor. She was arrested on Thursday, May 8, 2017. Investigations into this math teacher began at May 5th when officials at Rocky Mount Prep reported a “possible inappropriate relationship at their campus.” According to Rocky Mount police Cpl. Mike Lewis, one of the students was 16 and two were 17."

"She could face more than five years in prison, if convicted of all four charges. The indecent liberties charge is labeled as a Class F felony. The sexual activity charge is labelled as a Class G felony. However, McAuliffe does not have a criminal record as of yet. North Carolina currently has a structured sentencing system to determine punishment based off the suspect’s prior criminal record."

Lead image via Facebook.