An Escalator Stunt Goes Horribly Wrong As Some Guy Literally Crushes His "Manhood" (VIDEO)

Image Via Twitter

Guys, we understand that the desire to go viral in 2017 can be pretty enticing, but, seriously? At what freakin' expense?! Certainly not your manhood, right? Well, apparently not as this The 22-year-old guy from London exhibits in the tweet below — that has since been watched over 22 million times. We've got to admit, we laughed for a solid 30 seconds after our first viewing of the video. By the second time around, we were cringing hard and oh yeah, solemnly glancing down at our groin area trying to imagine that level of pain.

According to BuzzFeed as per an Interview with The Sun, the subject of the video, Freddie Andrews, had been drinking at the PDC World Darts Championship at Alexandra Palace. He commented that the stunt seemed like "a good idea at the time." Yeah, buddy, because all the best decisions are made after some boozing, right? Wrong!

Fortunately, Freddie Andrews didn't sustain any serious injuries, but his little stunt could have resulted in death. Yes, you read that correctly — death. A couple of a years back, a similar incident occurred where a woman, Linda Soulsby, was left with a fractured vertebra as a result of colliding with a man sliding down the escalator in the very same fashion as Andrews. This should go without saying, but there are plenty of other, safer ways to go viral in 2017 — please do not consider sliding down an escalator as a viable option.

Lead Image Via Twitter/James Gower

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