Oops! ESPN Analyst Draws NSFW Image Of Two Stick Figures "Doing It" On Live TV

Image via Twitter

It's the greatest time of year, March Madness! And, while we all toss and turn over our picks to win this year's NCAA Men's Basketball Championship, some of the so-called "experts" seem to have their brains fried from all the overanalyzing and discussion about the topic.

One of those people might be ESPN's Jay Williams, because he just had a hilarious live TV moment that has us in stitches, with the former Duke star accidentally drawing two stick figures seemingly doing it doggy-style during a weird Pictionary-like segment.

Williams was, ironically enough, describing his former school, the Duke Blue Devils, with his photo appearing to be more of an anti-Duke fan's perspective than someone who starred in front of the Cameron Crazies.

Jay seemed quick to notice his mistake, frantically erasing the receiver pretty quickly, but, thanks to live TV, we all have another moment that will live on forever!


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