Ever Dream Of Pamela Anderson Playing With Herself? This Sex Toy Ad Gives Us An Idea

Image via Vimeo // Rankin Films

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The name Pamela Anderson is, and always will be, associated with being sexy. Hell, the almost 50-year-old was discovered while showing up on the Jumbotron at a Canadian Football League game back in the 1989, kickstarting a modeling and acting career that has spanned over two decades.

Although Pam has seemed to fall into oblivion in recent years, being known more for her activism as a PETA supporter than anything she's done in front of the camera, the busty blonde just reminded us all why she's been an international sex symbol for so long.

Starring in a new commercial for a London company called Coco de Mer—which describes itself as a shop for "designer lingerie, luxurious bondage, and seductive sex toys to fuel your erotic imagination"—Pamela Anderson basically lived out every '90s boys dream by giving the illusion that she's, ahem, playing with herself.


Maybe we're just reading into the whole orgasm-like expressions on Pam's face after a vibrator is shown, but that sure as hell seems as if she's having a little bit of fun with herself.

As hot as the entire video is, when Pamela Anderson whispers, "Fuck Valentine's Day" to end the 1:40 spot, it's about as sultry and sexy as ever.

Pamela Anderson may be turning 50 years old later this year, but, for heaven's sake, this makes us want to go enjoy some alone time, if you catch our drift.


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