Ever Wonder What It Costs For A Latte In Other Countries? This Info Shows The Crazy Differences In Price

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Standing in line at Starbucks this morning and looking up at that giant menu above the register got me thinking—am I really about to spend $4 on a medium latte that I could absolutely do at home? Seeing as how I'm still enjoying the now cold coffee drink, the answer was obviously yes.

Like me, there's a good chance you either did the same thing this morning or have done so recently, becoming one of the millions of consumers who spend nearly $25/week on one of the simplest cups of coffee.

Well, our friends over at Thrillist decided to crunch some numbers and see what the same latte drink at Starbucks costs in different countries around the world, all using the same U.S. currency. Here's what they came up with.

Now, I may have been complaining about dropping $4 on a latte this morning, but, goodness, those over in Switzerland are spending nearly $7 for the exact same drink? That's nuts.

On the flipside, those down in Rio de Janeiro have the good life, as it only takes them six quarters to get their morning caffeine.

Sure, the differences in a few cents might not seem like a whole lot at first, but when added up, assuming you got to Starbucks five days per week, over the course of the year someone in Cancun—who pays $6.07/cup—pays almost $1,200 more per year ($1,190.80) than someone in Rio—who's paying that $1.49/cup. That's a freaking vacation!

See more of the info over at Thrillist.

H/T Thrillist