Ever Wonder Why Women Fake Orgasms? Of Course You Do, So Here's Your Answer

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We all want to think that we've got a magic stick and that the lady we're having sex with enjoys it so much that she just can't help but moan, scream and squirm while the two of you are getting down and dirty. Problem is, there's a good chance she's faking it—and there's actually a reason why that is.

According to a new study from the journal Sexualities—who interviewed 14 women to ask whether they've ever faked an orgasm and why they did—13 of them admitted to pulling an acting job during consensual sex, and here are their explanations.

“It [sex] wasn’t fun, I just . . . passed the time, like it was—I was doing it just to make him happy.”

“I didn’t really feel like doing anything, not really in the mood but I—I did anyway just because it was something nice to do for my partner.”

“I just kind of wanted it to end.”

Well, talk about knocking a man's ego down a couple notches, huh?

One of the coauthors of the study, Monika Stelzl, Ph.D., said that the women interviewed admitted to faking an OG for a variety of other reasons, too, like being too tired, not wanting to hurt their partner’s feelings or ego or because they didn't want to come across as being uninterested in sex.

So, what can you do to really make her orgasm? As we've mentioned before, it's important to make the woman feel wanted, desired and comfortable, while also focusing on foreplay and not just jamming your penis inside of her.

To further support that theory, a 2015 study revealed that women are more likely to orgasm when they fell intimate and compatible with their partner.

If you're still having problems, go ahead and read about the perfect formula to giving a woman an orgasm. Trust us, it'll help you out.

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