Model Nikki Leigh Tells Us Everything You Need To Do For A Successful First Date

First dates are never easy, so actress and model Nikki Leigh gives you all the insider info us guys need to have a successful one.

Let me start off by saying that I hope you gentlemen find all of these obvious. I like to think that the men of today haven't lost all chivalry and still have some old-fashioned common sense, but everyone could use a refresher now and again, so why not get the advice from a woman?

Momma Knows Best

Ever since the beginning, your mother had to have reminded you to say "please", "thank you", "chew with your mouth closed" and to "keep your elbows off the table". She was trying to teach you manners, guys, and these manners should come in handy while on a first date.

Well, as a woman, my mom was also teaching me to recognize and appreciate a gentlemen when I see one. Be that man. Be the guy who opens the door for her, pulls out her chair or even stands when she gets up to go to the restroom. A huge thing for me is to make sure that a guy is always polite to the people you interact with on a date. Don't be mean to the Uber driver or waitress, she will notice!

Don't Go There

If this is a first date, then you should want to get to know the other person. Remember to choose your topics on a first date wisely, staying away from intense conversations like marriage, babies, exes and parents.

No matter who brings it up, the other person will most likely feel an intense amount of pressure and will definitely start eyeing the exits. And while you might be thinking that you'd never say something like that on a first date, it actually happens—and to me! Keep conversation interesting and light.

Patience Is A Virtue

First, you should ask yourself what you want out of this date. Are you looking for someone to build something meaningful with, or are you just trying to get laid? If you're trying to get laid, then go on Tinder and stop reading right now, because this is not for you. If you're on this date looking for a relationship, then take it slow and show some respect.

Stay off the subject of sex and don't make sexual advances. It could lead you right where you were secretly hoping, but I think it’s best when it’s natural. This isn't a sprint it’s a marathon. Show her that she's worth the wait.

Money Issues

First off, don't ask a girl on a date if you can't afford it. And if you can’t afford it, that's fine, find something that you can do with her that will be fun and she won’t even notice it didn’t cost a thing.

When on the date, don't complain about the bill. It's unattractive and makes you look pathetic. Second, don't brag about your money situations. You want this date to be an evaluation on you, and not your bank account. You might think you're making a big impression, but if it's the right girl, then all you're doing is turning her off. Plus, what are you trying to do, overcompensate for something else? Trust me, it’s not all about the Benjamin’s.

Share the Floor

On this date, both the guy and girl should walk away with just enough understanding of each other—and leave both wanting to know more. Guys, don't just talk about yourself the whole time! No one likes an ego. Ask about the girl sitting across the table from you!

Oh, and don’t make an assumption. Assumptions are my biggest pet peeve! Both of you are here to get to know the other person, so act like it! Be interested! And I can't stress this enough, be honest! To build a strong foundation, you need to be open. If you lie, it will come back to haunt you and she will find out, because karma always comes back around.

Finally, keep your focus on the girl. She said yes to this date for a reason, so take advantage of it!

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All images via Jacenty Karczmarczyk