Everything You Need To Know About Nintendo's 'Super Mario Run' Release

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While everyone's, rightfully, freaking out about Nintendo's Classic Edition release—which sold out in about 30 minutes online—gamers are probably just as antsy about the upcoming release of the company's iPhone game Super Mario Run.


Considering we're included in that group, we figured it'd be best to give you everything you needed to know about the upcoming game, like where to buy it, how much it costs and any other appropriate news we think is important.

Initial Download

According to Nintendo, Super Mario Run will be available for download for free on December 15, giving gamers a few levels to play first as a tease.

Complete Download

For those who like the teaser—or just Super Mario—more than others, the full game can be downloaded for $9.99 on the same day, December 15. That might seem a little high, but Nintendo has promised to never make Mario players pay more than the initial fee, so you can sleep well at night for buying it.


Go ahead and rip Apple products if you will, but for those who have iPhones and iPads, you'll be the ones who have the capability to download Super Mario Run, so feel free to brag to those with Androids—who have to wait until 2017 for the game's release.


According to Nintendo, Super Mario Run will launch simultaneously in 151 different countries, so mark you calendars for December 15.


Forget controllers or any other accessories, because the beauty of Super Mario Run is that anyone with an iPhone or iPad (initially), can pick it up and start playing thanks to its mobile touchscreen.


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