Meet Evi Schwarzfischer, The Smokin' Hot Stewardess Who Takes Her Sultry Yoga Poses Worldwide

Evi Schwarzfischer is living a life that most people dream of and she's looking DAMN good doing it!

According to The Sun—"Evi, from Regensburg, used to work as an au pair before deciding to pursue her dream career six years ago. She said: 'I worked as an au pair in the United States, my host mum flew for United for about twenty years. I got to know the lifestyle whilst living with the family and I knew that that was the job I wanted to do for the rest of my life. I’ve always loved traveling and being nice to people so it seemed to be perfect – and it is. You get to see the world while getting paid for it.

Talk about going into a solid profession, huh? Seriously, I couldn't think of a more exciting or fulfilling career. Most people are born and die within like a 3 block radius never having seen the world, not for Evi, no sir. If you're looking to indulge in a little jet-setting for yourself, here are some amazing and affordable options—



She continues—"I love traveling and exploring foreign cultures, it just never gets boring. Every flight is different and it’s always an adventure. What I love about yoga is that it can be practiced anywhere. Of course there are benefits for our bodies – we get bendy, our posture improves, pain disappears, we get stronger, the list is very long. What I love the most is when you start doing yoga, you have a head full of thoughts and worries and you finish with an empty head. You feel grounded and centred, you are just grateful for absolutely everything. For me, yoga is medicine.”

Well, if yoga is HER medicine, us watching her do yoga is ours! Take a look for yourselves, you won't regret it—

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