Example, Melanie Iglesias And The 100 Sexiest Women: Inside This Month’s Mag

Here's what you can expect to find in this month's TWO mags. Yep, that's right. Two magazines for one. Just let that sink in...

The meaning of life is…

We can’t tell you yet. Then there’d be no reason for you to buy the magazine, and find out what a bunch of interesting people think the answer to the world’s most burning question is.

Would Wife: Melanie Iglesias

Don’t ever use the phrase ‘dream woman’ unless you really mean it. Unless you feel its truth in your gut. Unless you’re willing to die in a trial by combat over the woman to whom you are referring. Melanie Iglesias might be that woman.

FHM Hero M Night Shyamalan talks scaring the shit out of millions of people

FHM’s chief writer Matt Blake takes us on a journey into the mind of the man behind some of the most spine-chilling moments in cinema.

100 Sexiest Women In The World 2015

In the most controversial reveal since Tulisa won it (and crashed our site twice) back in 2012, this year’s 100 Sexiest is bigger than ever. See who the winners are, in classic, shiny paper form. It features some of the hottest pictures currently existing on planet Earth. Promise.

AND... baby’s first magazine cover

Rapper and worldwide superstar Example and his then three-month-old Evander channelled The Hangover and gave us the ultimate man's guide to fatherhood. Well, Example Jr didn't help much with that last bit.

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