Are You Brave Enough To Try This Mace Pepper Spray Beer? We're Not So Sure We Are

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Man, we can't believe that we didn't know about Extreme Beer Fest until today! If there's one thing we've taken away from 2018, it's that by this time next year, we will be in Boston the first weekend of February to drink some beer, that as the festival puts it, "pushes the boundaries of brewing". Forget the Super Bowl, that's the same thing every year! Beer infused with pepper spray? Now that's something truly new to us. Hell, we suspect it's new to everyone — at least those of not fortunate enough to try this past weekend. Can you tell we're bitter? Good, because we are!

According to Popular Mechanics, Dogfish Head Brewery offered a beer called "In Your Mace" at Extreme Beer Fest that includes oleoresin capsicum, the food-grade chili oil and primary ingredient in Mace pepper spray. Pretty freakin' random, huh? Well, as it turns out, the beer was a collaboration with Mace Security International. But, still, why would anyone want to drink that?

Dogfish Head founder, Sam Calagione, reassures that the beer doesn't taste like pepper spray, per say. He explained, "We wanted a pleasant, sustainable but barely tolerable sorta heat. A thrill for both stout lovers and hot pepper lovers alike." That sounds pretty enticing actually! We imagine it pairing well with dishes that already have a great hot pepper flavor — it's the perfect beer for heat seekers.

Calagione continued, "Our eyes watered up while working with the oil." The good news that they didn't choke or start coughing — which means, yes, this stout is safe to drink! A small lot of "In Your Mace" 750ml bottles will be available at the Milton, Delaware brewery. The February 17 release is limited to 200 bottles, but the beer will also be served in the taproom while kegs last, as per Popular Mechanics.

Lead Image Via Instagram/dogfishhead

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