Eye-Popping Info Shows All That Happens In Just One Minute On The Internet

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We live in a world where we have short attention spans and an overload of content, so, naturally, we all tend to get distracted—especially when perusing on the Internet on phones, tablets and computers.

Between pop-up ads that catch our eyes to various apps like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and others, it's surprising that our heads don't explode trying to figure out what we want to rely on for information.

Knowing all that, the people over at AllAccess put together a chart that breaks down everything people are doing during a single minute while online—and it's seriously mesmerizing.

Look at all that stuff, guys! In a swift 60 seconds, a whopping 156 million emails are being sent, 4.1 million YouTube videos are being watched, 16 million texts are being read or sent and, of course, people are swiping nearly 1 million times on the dating app Tinder.

People are using two screens for work, while mixing in their phones and/or tablets, so, between all of that information sitting in front of them, it's fair to assume that these eye-popping numbers will only continue to grow as tech keeps progressing.

All Access

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