Ezekiel Elliott's Ex-Girlfriend Conspired To Blackmail Him With Sex Tapes (According To Text Reports)

Image Via Instagram/ezekielelliott

The Ezekiel Elliott case just got a whole lot more complicated after documents were uncovered suggesting that his ex-girlfriend, Tiffany Thompson, has resorted to blackmailing him with sex tapes following their July 2016 legal dispute. For those of you unaware of the dispute, Tiffany Thompson accused Elliot of committing multiple acts of violence against her, to which Elliot has since appealed.

As of today, nothing has yet to be to disproven and while Elliot has a long-winded history of being less-than-savory toward women — to say the least — this new evidence is likely to create a lot of naysayers in The NFL community who would rather not see their favorite player go down. It's important to remember that in a case so heavily engrained in a "he said, she said" context, that you focus strictly on the facts, not the merits or achievements of the parties involved. Yes, focusing on character is important, but character has very little to do with his on-field performance, as an example.

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The video below, which was posted back in March to TMZ Sports, is disturbing in nature, showing Elliott coming from behind a woman to pull down her top during a St. Patrick's Day parade, with the woman unaware of his actions until her breast is out. As mentioned, this is the sort of character-identifying behavior that's crucial to focus on.

Still, the evidence against Thompson continues to mount. As per documents obtained by Yahoo Sports, it appears that the leveraging of a sex tape was undoubtedly discussed by Ms. Thompson and a friend (name redacted by Yahoo) —

Any jury reading that exchange is likely question to Thompson's motives, but are texts enough to grant dismissal? Yahoo Sports continued —

"Ultimately, the NFL came to its findings and suspended Elliott for six games despite having Thompson’s text exchange on record. The source said Elliott’s legal advisers believe the NFL didn’t give adequate weight to underlying issues of credibility and motive for Thompson"

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