Michael B. Jordan Lights It Up In HBO's First 'Fahrenheit 451' Teaser

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The first Fahrenheit 451 movie trailer is here, and, for the time being, it shows that, while Michael B. Jordan may not be as well-known as the former hoops superstar bearing the same name, Michael Jordan, the actor is quickly becoming the talk of Hollywood thanks to some monster roles. After starring in films like Creed and The Black Panther — where he plays the villain in the film, Erik Killmonger — the 31-year-old is showing the film industry that he's quickly becoming the definition of an A-list superstar, with everything he touches, seemingly, turning to gold.

And Michael B. Jordan's next role is in the Fahrenheit 451 movie, which is the film adaptation of the popular Ray Bradbury book that was released back in 1953. Bradbury's dystopian future tale of "firemen" who burn books and suppress facts while the populace prefers to watch TV has never seemed more timely. So it makes sense that a new adaptation is on the way this year, courtesy of HBO. The new teaser for the movie is online.

99 Homes' Ramin Bahrani is co-writing alongside Amir Naderi and directing, with Homes star Michael Shannon as Captain Beatty, one of the squad commanders who oversees the team torching tomes and other material considered dangerous. Michael B. Jordan, currently burning up the screen (yeah, we went there) in Black Panther is Guy Montag, a young member of the team who is initially all in on the burny burn, but soon starts to question the nature of his job and the suppression of the truth and history. Which, of course, brings him into conflict with his colleagues.

The HBO adaptation is certainly looking stylish and dramatic, and different enough from François Truffaut's 1966 cinema version. And emerging from a long, drawn-out development that saw various writers, directors and stars trying to crack a new take, we need Bradbury's wisdom more than ever. The Fahrenheit 451 movie is scheduled to hit HBO in May.

This post was written by James White. It originally appeared on our sister site, Empire.

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