Prank Shows A Guy Faking Some Dirty Things With His Best Friend's Sister

Image via YouTube

When plotting the perfect prank, there's always got to be some risk involved, otherwise, why would anyone want to watch it, right?

Here's a bit of advice, though: Never, under any circumstance, should you involve your best friend, your best friend's hot sister and fake sex together—unless you're positive the best friend won't come over with a golf club who's looking to practice his swing with your head.

Fortunately, some YouTuber named Joel Morris, or JMX on his YouTube channel, got away with such a prank—but barely—with his buddy Max reacting as you might imagine, but, luckily, without too much violence.


Joel has some serious balls, guys, arranging the whole thing by bringing in a separate friend to rat him out to his best friend Max.

Sure, Max calls him a "fucking scumbag" and pushes him a little bit, but Joel was smart enough to hop off Max's sister before things got too far, leaving Max a victim of a cruel prank.

It seems like Joel and Max are OK, but it could have ended very differently.


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