A History Of Famous Serial Killers Who Have Never Been Caught

Fair warning, guys, the stories behind some of these famous serial killers are definitely enough to keep you awake at night — especially considering these vicious criminals were never caught! That said, it's safe to say a couple of them are no longer alive, given the timeframe, but a couple isn't all of them! Man, we're getting the chills just thinking about it. We'd venture to say that a lot of these crimes went unsolved due to a lack of technology and emphasis on DNA evidence.

Nowadays, it's incredibly difficult to get away with murders of this magnitude consider how far law enforcement and forensics have come. We mean, come on, have you seen an episode of Law and Order: SVU. Sure, it's TV, but the episodes are based on true stories, so, yeah! Take that.

We recommend reading the following information in broad daylight. Hell, maybe even invite over a friend or two for good company. These are some pretty harrowing tales. The scariest aspect is that it seems most of these killers, all of which are men, didn't have any motive. Sometimes in these serial killer cases it comes down to money or revenge, but, nope, not these guys. They were just pure evil, it seems.

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