This Real Life Transformer That Fires Automatic Weapons Is So Badass (Video)

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Is this the part where I loudly shout—"Autobots, roll out!" and scare the shit out of everyone in my office? Sorry, that was fairly corny (and a pretty sure-fire way for me to lose my job) but it's the most iconic line from Transformers, so deal with it and don't be judgy.

Speaking of iconic, this father son duo takes the cake!! Most dads consider having a catch in the backyard a suitable form of bonding—but nope, not this guy! He decided to take things one step further, and by one step further, I mean construct an entire real life transformer complete with the ability to fire automatic weapons.

According to Ruptly—"Gennadiy Kocherga and his son Sergey, spent almost six months turning their VAZ-2110 Lada into their own version of a character from the popular movie franchise. And their efforts went on full display at the Oryol stunt show in Russia this week."

Take a look for yourselves, it's pretty damn impressive:



Ruptly continues—“It looks like a world-class car, it can drive and shoot, it performs the same tricks as seen in the film, in the cartoons,' said Gennadiy. The idea came to the inventor when he picked up a Transformers toy car during a trip to Singapore. Determined to build a life-size vehicle, he enlisted his son to help with retrofitting their old, and much-ridiculed, Lada. The car has been toured around a number of Russian cities already and Gennadiy has plans to further develop the project next year.

Well, good for these two for not giving into the haters. If you have an idea for something epic, don't be stifled by doubt. You never know, you might just make your childhood dreams come true!

Lead Image via YouTube/Ruptly

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