Reporter Is Met With An Explosion Of Vomit (To The Face) During Live TV Interview

Image via YouTube

I think I'm perhaps one of the few people on the planet who isn't phased much by vomit — admittedly, blood and mucus are my hard limits — but even I was like, oh hell the f-ck no, when I saw this video. It's seriously just disgusting.

Again, it's really not the vomit itself, but rather the circumstance. I would be mortified if I were on live television, already being forced outside my comfort zone around a bunch of redneck white dudes, when all of a sudden I get thrown up on. Just goes to show drunk, patriotic Americans and new borns, eh? Not that different. Take a look!

Oh God, that poor, poor woman. I give her credit for remaining mildly composed, then again, the camera cut out pretty quickly. Speaking of the camera cutting out, can we please talk about the reactions from the anchors back in the newsroom?! The woman in the red dress is an A**HOLE — seriously. Not an ounce of compassion! Just look at that smug, laughing, non-vomited covered mug. Must be nice, huh? Well, enjoy the karma, lady!

I'm mostly kidding, as I too, laughed pretty loudly at my desk with zero remorse. Still, I'm not her coworker, there's a difference. Lady in the red dress should have at least had the decency to laugh OFF camera. Now there's live footage proof of her insensitivity—not smart news-lady, not smart at all. Oh, did I forget to mention — 'Merica!

Lead image via YouTube.

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