Female Orgasms Are Now Believed To Have Health Benefits For Men, Too

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We all know how important it is to walk away from a sexual experience leaving the woman satisfied, but getting them to experience an orgasm isn't always the easiest thing for guys to do, with different techniques and go-to formulas here to help us out the best we can.

And for those men who don't really think giving a woman the Big O is all that important, science just gave you a very selfish reason to work a little bit harder to get her off—because a woman's orgasm has been found to have health benefits for men, too, per the New York Post.

Psychologists at the University of Michigan say men feel more masculine and have higher sexual esteem “when they imagined that a woman orgasmed during sexual encounters with them”.

They added: “These results suggest that women’s orgasms do function – at least in part – as a masculinity achievement for men.”

So, yes, that proud feeling men get after hearing his lady scream his name and moan as he does all his sexual tricks really is related to sexual happiness.

The psychologists—whose research was published in the Journal of Sex Research—were quick to point out, though, that females will reap the rewards of orgasm more than men, with lead study author, Sara Chadwick, adding that, “Overall, the results support that women’s orgasms functions as a masculinity achievement for men.”

The psychologists studied 810 heterosexual men over the age of 18, designing a questionnaire to see how his lady's sexual pleasure would affect him, with these being the results:

  • Guys would report feeling more masculine when their partner climaxed during sex

  • Men would feel “most successful” making a woman orgasm when she had previously not enjoyed it with other men

  • A “major failure” – where a girl orgasmed with another guy but not them – would trigger feelings of not being masculine enough

  • The word masculine would be linked to success

  • Men who feel their masculinity is more fragile would feel most manly in situations where their female partner climaxed

The research also discovered that, for men who take female orgasms a sense of masculinity, those guys are "genuinely invested in women’s pleasure," and it's that "self-interest" that results in women orgasming even more.

Who knew? Just caring and working hard to get her off helps her actually achieve it!?! This whole sex thing isn't as hard as some of us make it.

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