Women Reveal What They Love Most About 'Going Downtown' And Well, God Bless 'Em

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Blow jobs are a lot like pizza, even the sh-tty ones are still pretty good. That's why men should thank whatever deity they pray to that women are even willing to go down there—with THEIR MOUTHS. Sure, men go down on women too, but chances are you're not doing it right, so it doesn't count.

Redditor, EyeJerked0ffUrDad posed this NSFW question to the women of Reddit—"Women who like giving blowjobs, why?"

Before we delve into the lovely responses, I would love to get a definitive consensus on blow job versus blowjob, I'm pretty sure that both are correct, but still, it's bothersome to me. Wait, crap, is blow-job a thing?! There's just so many options to represent fellatio. I'm going to go ahead and decide on blowjob. It's clean and to the point—exactly how a BJ should be!

Head Pro Quo

"Because I like receiving, and it would be sh-tty of me to expect enthusiasm down there if I wasn't willing to go to town on a guy's junk myself. Head pro quo, Clarice."



We're just a bunch of animals on a rock spinning through space and we'll all eventually die. Why not suck some d-ck here and there and make each other happy? Christ hell. If my grandmother were still alive, I'd get her to make a cross-stitch with that quote and hang it up in the living room.


Do You Really Like The Taste??

Everything! I love pleasing a man. I love hearing him moan. I love being in control of his pleasure. I love insisting that he relax and let me do this! I love the feeling of him inside of me. I love feeling him grow as he becomes more excited! I love the intimate connection that we form. —Brooke91xo

Power Hungry

I like giving them not because I like giving them but I like the feeling of being greatly in power over his sexual experience if even for just a little while. Because other than that I'm pretty damn submissive.



I have a deep seeded need to be the best at everything. I've accomplished this with bjs. At least with my current partner (and a few before him). I really like doing it though. It turns me on to hear the noises he makes and just knowing that I'm making him feel good. Plus there's that whole power trip you get when a man's most vulnerable part is in your mouth.


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