Female Student Sends Hilariously Regrettable Email To A Tutor While She Was High

Image via Shutterstock

If you've ever been under the influence of something, there's a good chance you've done something that you regret. Hey, isn't that part of the reason we all use some of those things in the first place, so we relax and be ourselves without over-thinking? Of course it is.

Unfortunately, for a University of Nebraska student named Abby Jo Hamele, she was the victim of a forever regrettable decision while high on hydrocodone following a wisdom tooth surgery—so she wasn't even partaking in extracurricular activities for fun, but, instead, out of necessity.

Her email, though, well, just look at the strange interaction.

Hoping to get an extension on an assignment because of the oral surgery, her tutor was quick to calm her nerves in his reply—while also poking a little bit of fun at poor Abby Jo.

While she may have embarrassed herself, at least she's on the good side of her tutor—and isn't stressed for time to get that assignment done—so that's something she can smile about.


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