Fergie's Latest Photoshoot Will Make You Do Double, No, Triple Takes

For anyone wondering what 42-year-old musician Fergie — of The Black Eyed Peas fame — has been up to, well, we couldn't have really told you... until a couple of days ago, that is. That's because the beauty took to her Instagram account to show-off some of her flawless curves, posting pics to a new photoshoot she recently did to, presumably, promote some new music.

No joke, as much as we've adored the woman known as "Fergalicious" since the moment we set eyes on her years ago, these pictures, right here, might have just caused us to hyperventilate — OK, yeah, they sure as hell did!

Although all of the photos are absolutely hot, in one of the pics, Fergie dons nothing but a black pair of stilettos, which, in our personal opinion, is a look that she pulls off quite well — we just wouldn't expect seeing it all that often.

In another one of the shots, Fergie's got a hell of a lot of cleavage overspilling from her top, making us wonder if she's really naturally this incredibly good looking and she does things like this in the comfort of her own home for husband Josh Duhamel, or if this is just a one-time thing? Who really knows the answer, but, we'd like to imagine the musician prancing around her mansion somewhere wearing something similar to this on the reg.

For someone who has a kid, it's pretty ridiculous that Fergie has a body like she does. So, how does she do it? In a 2015 interview with Glamour, the musician revealed her secret:

"After my pregnancy I took private dance classes for months to get movement back into my body. We built a dance studio in our house — it's the best gift I've ever given myself! I didn't want to be awkward and embarrassed in front of people, so I worked the kinks out at home."

While there are no guarantees dancing can turn the majority of people into a full-blown sex symbol like Fergie is, we can all imagine a world where it could, right? When you're done daydreaming about that, go ahead and take a look at these newest pics that we've been bragging about — something tells us you will not be upset with what your eyes see.

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