Model Danielle Hayley Is A Fruit Juice Makin' Yoga Junkie Who We Adore

Image via Mark Barnfield

Say hello to Danielle Hayley, by far the sexiest juice-bar owning Canadian lady you'll ever never get to meet — unless you're a kale-eating yoga-pro, that is. Yeah, she's someone we really adore, and we think you'll see why after reading this.

FHM: So, Danielle, You Have Your Own Juice Bar?

Danielle Hayley: "Yes, it’s been open for a couple of months now. It’s out of a health food shop in Battersea."

FHM: How Did That Happen?

Danielle Hayley: "I was shopping in this place all the time and ended up becoming friends with the owner. I really wanted to open my own juice bar and he’s renting out a space to me now. I call it Sprout Juicery."

FHM: You Must Know A Helluva Lot About Juice, Huh?

Danielle Hayley: "I’ve always been interested in holistic and alternative health. I’m studying at the College of Naturopathic Medicine but have had to postpone for a few months while this new business gets going. I was a dental hygienist before that and have a Yoga teaching certification as well."

FHM: A Woman Of Many Healthy Talents! Are You Vegan, Too?

Danielle Hayley: "About 95 percent, yes."

FHM: What’s The 5 Percent That Lets You Down?

Danielle Hayley: "Fish, sushi. Don’t get me wrong — if my body wants meat, I will have meat but only once a month."

FHM: What Will You Have?

Danielle Hayley: "Maybe a really nice steak tartar but it has to be raw because you lose nutrients when it’s cooked."

FHM: So You’re Pretty Good At Yoga, Too?

Danielle Hayley: "I did my teacher training at a retreat in Thailand last year. I’m very flexible what with all the practise. I do back drops, which is where you start from standing and lean back until you can touch the floor. I do hand balances too."

FHM: Where Do You Want To End Up With All This?

Danielle Hayley: "Do you want to be some sort of guru? Yes, exactly! I just want to help people be healthy. I want to help advise on nutrition, lifestyle, spiritual – all mind, body and soul. It’s what moves me."

FHM: What’s Your Idea Of A Great Night In?

Danielle Hayley: "I’m going to sound like one of those hippie creeps but a perfect night in would be yoga with incense, sage and my Krishna music. Nobody can be that chilled out all the time."

FHM: Do You Ever Just Go Properly Mental?

Danielle Hayley: "Now that I’ve been getting into my spirituality, I’ve really been able to just let go and be more adventurous. I’ve been on roller coasters, which I never would have done before. But I do like to get together with my friends, who do these housekeeping events."

FHM: What’s That?

Danielle Hayley: "A bunch of friends get together and they DJ. They’ll make pop-up events around the city but they also have a residency in Ibiza. I love house music."

FHM: Hang On… You Like House Music? And Ibiza?

Danielle Hayley: "Everyone thinks Ibiza is just this crazy party but it’s got a really different side in the north. It’s an incredible island with amazing food and great people. I love it there."

Lead image via Instagram/markbarnfield.

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