This FIFA '17 Speed Boost Trick Will Have You Running Circles Around The Competition

Image Via YouTube

You've gotta love YouTuber's like BorasLegend who know how to share the wealth when it comes to video game tricks. How tragic would it be if they kept all of this crucial knowledge to themselves? Pretty damn tragic, if you ask me.

Boras happens to be a Pro-FIFA player (yes, that's a thing) so to put it bluntly, he knows his sh*t. We've all been in a situation where we come face to face with a player from the opposing team who somehow leaves our head spinning as they breeze passed us to the goal. Not anymore, though!

In short, the directions are explained below:

  1. First, make the ball roll
  2. Click L1 or LB
  3. Press and hold the sprint button and left stick in the opposite direction
  4. Your player will boost off the mark

Dream Team FC

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