Finally! The Amount Of Cash Kevin McCallister's Dad Spent In 'Home Alone' Is Revealed

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It's, arguably, the greatest Christmas movie ever, but anyone whose ever watched Home Alone has probably always wondered how the father, Peter McCallister, could afford such lavish trips with his family, in-laws and, seemingly, never feel the financial pressure.

Forget the fact that his Eight-year-old son, Kevin McCallister, was able to stave off two idiotic bandits and survive, and let's focus on how Peter had a enormous house in the Chicago suburbs, and paid for those vacations to Paris and Florida.

Well, we finally have an answer as to how much Mr. McCallister spent in Home Alone, thanks to some in-depth analysis, via Esquire.

15 tickets from Chicago to Paris at Christmas, 11 coach and four first-class ones for the adults

  • A non-stop, round trip flight on American Airlines (the airline they flew) would cost a whopping $35, 320. That's not taking into account that airline prices have fallen in the last 30 years, so it probably would have been even more expensive back then.

10 boxes of pizza, which they pay for in cash

  • The pizza boy says it's $122.50, which would be about $228 today. That better be some good pizza.

Replacing the basement staircase

  • Moving on to the things that Kevin destroyed, his dad would probably need to replace the staircase after he doused it in tar, and rebuild the shelves he tore out of the wall in Buzz's room, which together would cost somewhere between $900 and $1,500 at the very least.

So altogether, in the first Home Alone, Peter McCallister spent an estimated $37,000!

Now, that's some serious coin that Peter McCallister was spending, so no wonder Kevin was such a little, spoiled brat who seemed to get away with whatever he wanted.

The estimates above—which include inflation from the 1990 film to today, 2016—doesn't even take into account some of the other abuse the McCallister household took from Kevin fighting off the Wet Bandits, Harry and Marv.

In fact, with as much as Mr. McCallister was swiping his credit card and handing out cash, there's a theory on Reddit that believes he's actually in the mob! Not sure about that, but, hell, it was never revealed what his occupation was, so it could be true.

As for the total amount Peter McCallister spent altogether between the two films—with Home Alone 2 taking place in New York City, with the family staying outside Central Park at The Plaza Hotel—Esquire breaks that down, too, with the total coming to $21,000.

Dropping a cool $58,000-plus for two Christmases, according to Esquire's analysis, sure sounds like the way to do the holidays!


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