Fireball Gummy Bears Actually Exist And The Apocalypse Is Near

Image via Etsy/VineGeLee

Everyone's guiltiest pleasure, Fireball Whiskey, has just stepped up its game.

And, while we're not sure when cinnamon became such a desirable flavor for alcohol, people clearly enjoy the stuff that feels like a shot of mouthwash each time you down one at the bar or at a party.

Oh, you think I'm being dramatic? I'll go ahead and throw some links your way to prove just how out of the handle this whole cinnamon-craze is getting, don't you worry.

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Okay, so technically the Skittles and Starbursts are spicy, not cinnamon-y, but that doesn't make it any less tragic.

Moving forward, turns out Fireball gummy bears are now a thing and frankly, I guess I shouldn't be too surprised. Binge drinkers have been soaking sugar-riddled foods in booze for as long as I can remember — jolly ranchers in vodka, skittles in Everclear, the list is pretty endless. If anything, it's a true testament to human self-sabotage, why guzzle booze alone and when you can soak sugar in booze and then eat it? Seems like a no brainer to me. I'd like to clarify that I have consumed Fireball, but it has never resulted in anything other than regret, shame, and slightly decent smelling breath 5-10 minutes prior to the inevitable vomit.

According to Travel and Leisure—"Irish Confectionary Co. sells bags of 100 “Fire Cubs” for $5.79.The company just sold out of this option, but in the meantime, it’s also possible to pick up gummy bears that are flavored like wine, rum or wildberry moonshine.

Another Etsy shop, VineGelee, sells fireballs by weight. It’s possible to pick up four ounces of bears for $9.95 or go all out with a whole pound for $29.95. For those trying to add a bit of class to a Fireball-flavored gummy bear (cheers to you), VineGelee suggests freezing the bears and then adding them to glasses of wine."

Of course, you can avoid shipping and handling by making the demonic party favors yourself. Here's how.

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