From Kate Beckinsale To Hilary Duff, Men Reveal Their First Celebrity Crush (And We Tend To Agree)

There's nothing quite like your first celebrity crush. Don't you guys remember that sweet, all-consuming feeling that someone in Hollywood might actually know you exist Ah, to be young again. Wasn't life just so much simpler then? Sigh. Now that we're older, we're much more realistic on such matters. Now we know for certain that women like Kate Beckinsale and Hilary Duff are way out of our league.

That's why every now and again we like to take a walk down memory lane to remember our boyhood dreams. Of course, most of those dream were full of beautiful models and actresses. Hm, we guess times haven't really changed all that much, huh? We were curious to know however, if our first celebrity crushes aligned with what other men we're thinking. Turns out, there's a couple special ladies that most guys have in common (no, not in that way...perverts).

Reddit user, DeeDub83 posed the following question and we thought it would be best to offer some assistance by way of visual aid.

"Who was your first celebrity crush?"

We suspect you guys are going to appreciate this little #TBT we've got going for you below. Of course, by #TBT we're talking Tuesday, but that's OK. Timelines can and should be adjusted in the face of attractive actresses! Remember that.

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