Actress Brooke Burfitt Tells Us 10 Original First Date Ideas To Impress Any Lady

It's always fun and exciting to go on a first date, but, let's face it, first date ideas can be a bit of a struggle — especially for guys, who, generally, stick to the whole dinner and drinks route. That's good and all, but to really impress a woman takes breaking the norm and showing a little bit more creativity.

That's why we reached out to actress Brooke Burfitt, who is giving some advice on how to pull of a great first date while being a hell of a lot more creative with the spot. Brooke's options don't take lots of money or major planning, but they're sure to make your date know that you're both interested and atypical, making her more excited about meeting up for the first time.


Are first date ideas a bit daunting? Hell yes! Are they something that every man should stress about and just go with the norm, though? Absolutely not! So keep reading below to see how advice from the gorgeous Brooke Burfitt will help you step up your game, fellas.

You can learn so much from a first date. It really is the make or break of a relationship. And, if it works out, you and your lover will reminisce over that magical first night in twenty years’ time. But, those less romantic than myself may just want to quickly impress a woman, and, if that’s the case, the first date can help you achieve that, too!

The cliché dinner and movie dates are fine, but can be limiting. It’s a little awkward eating in front of each other when you first meet, and the dinner set-up can quickly turn into more of an interrogation than an interaction. With the movies, you barely get an opportunity to speak to each other — unless you're looking to aggravate the people sitting around you.

To help you guys out, I’ve come up with a few suggestions that can help break the ice. Plus, these 10 original first date ideas are things that you want to do, so if things don't work out, at least you have fun regardless of the chemistry not being there. Without further ado, see some out-of-the-box suggestions for your first dates below, boys!

1. Shopping Spree At The Flea Market. It’s an inexpensive fun idea that can give you a real insight into your dates sense of style and personality. With an opportunity to walk and talk, it’s a unique and natural way to spend time together. Plus, if she spots something she likes, it shouldn’t cost you an arm and a leg to spoil her!

2. Mini Golf. This is a great game where it’s an even playing field for men and women. The little bit of flirty competition wont’ hurt either. Activities are great at breaking the ice and, thankfully, for this exercise, she won’t break a sweat and ruin her make-up.

3. Paint My Night. Art and wine. Need I say more! You don’t need to be Picasso here, gents, just let the teacher guide you to draw in a simple paint-by-number style. If you completely mess up, you’ll both have a good laugh.

4. Thai Food Class. Cooking classes are popping up all over the place, and it’s a brilliant twist on the dinner date night. If you can create your meal together, what could be sexier than that?

5. Escape Room. This is a unique date idea, where you get locked with your partner for sixty minutes in a room and can only escape if you solve a bunch of clues. This is a great test to see what she’s made of and see if you stand a chance! If you click, you can work together to work from room to room and can celebrate with a drink after. Downside is, if you don't click, you’re locked in a room together for an hour.

6. Walking Tours. Each city has a bunch of free walking tours, and some even have ghost tours for those inclined in meddling with the afterlife. Even if you have lived in the same city your whole life, there is bound to be a bunch of stuff you didn’t know. It’ll give you a great conversation starter for that well deserved cocktail afterwards.

7. Tapas. If you must go for dinner, make it Tapas. There is bound to be something you both like and can share. You can show your generous side by letting her have the last piece (before ordering more) and, of course, there will be Sangria or wine to drink with it all.

8. Open Mic Or Comedy Club. Comedy is a brilliant icebreaker and you don’t have to go to a big show. You can discover some amazing talent and support up-and-coming performers. And, hey, if all the talent is dreadful, at least neither of you will forget the evening.

9. Cocktail Mixing Class. It’s a more sophisticated way of getting drunk on a date and looks like you’ve put more thought and effort into things than just going to a bar.

10. Rollerblading. It’s old school, but cute. If she can’t keep up, you may just need to lend her a helping hand.

Whatever you decide, it’s best to let her know, even if you want it to be a little bit of a surprise. Part of the excitement and anticipation of a good first date is getting ready, and she will be stressed to high heaven if she has no idea what to wear, so give her good guidance on that and she’ll be up for anything. Just the fact that you took the time to plan out your time together will be a great aphrodisiac.

And, if the date goes well, how about enjoying a night in with a movie at your place for the second date? You could watch my new thriller By Any Means about a reality show star who gets kidnapped but no one believes her version of events. It’s out now on Amazon Prime, iTunes, Google Play, Vudu and many other platforms.

Lead image via Mike Jones, MUA - Maria DeBraga.

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