A Guy On Instagram Hilariously Detailed The Pros And Cons Of Various First Date Locations And We're Grateful

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It's no secret that first date ideas don't exactly come naturally to most dudes. We're sure, like us, a lot of y'all sit around waiting until the last minute...before deciding on dinner and drinks, yawn. No judgement! We're just stating the cold hard facts here. Simply put, women are better at planning (women are better at everything). Since men are constantly at a first date disadvantage, we have to take all the help we can get. That's why when we came across this hilarious pro/con chart of first date locations, we just had to share it with you guys.

Matt Shirley is a fairly popular Instagrammer with a very unique niche — he makes charts. Yes, you read that correctly. Charts. We bet you're wondering, "How TF does someone make charts interesting, let alone funny?". Well, get ready, because he does both of those things, in spades. Seriously, his charts are the best! In fact, if the charts in math class looked more like Matt's, we'd all be in working on Wall Street.

Of course, we're going to lead off with his hilarious take on first date locations, but we're not stopping there. Matt tackles a variety of subjects from Uber drivers and Taco Tuesday to NFL Sunday and going for a run. We handpicked a few of our favorites and threw them down below as well.

Pros and Cons of First Date Locations

Things Dads Say

Autumn: Expectation vs. Reality

Addictiveness Scale

A couple things to note, Matt has some really nice handwriting. Not to stereotype, but most men have the handwriting of someone without hands. Second, even though Matt's charts are clearly meant to be funny, we feel like you can still learn quite a bit. It never dawned on us that inviting a girl to an open mic night could lead to a stabbing, now we know better (and have to cancel our plans for tonight).


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