First Dates: Everything You Should Know To Make A Great First Impression

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First dates can be stressful and cause a lot of anxiety, but, they're supposed to be fun, so why so much unnecessary drama before meeting up with someone new, right?

From going back-and-forth on where to go, what to wear and, maybe even worse, if the night ends with a kiss, awkward hug or nothing, the good people over at EliteSingles gathered some info to help make your first date the best you've ever had.

Although the results showed that 35 percent of Americans have admitted they don’t enjoy going on first dates, for the nearly two-thirds of people who do, this is valuable info to know.

  • Over a 1/3 of people say going for coffee is their preferred dating activity.
  • 1 in 5 people feel very nervous on a first date.
  • People listed meeting someone new (60%) and potentially finding a new partner (40%) as the two most exciting things about a first date.

As for you online daters out there, well, naturally, EliteSingles broke down a few rules to increase your chances of landing that special someone so you can, in fact, actually go on a first date.

  • A person’s profile pic isn't the most important factor when looking for a match! In fact, the survey said how they talk about themselves is what matters most.
  • 1 in 4 would be put off by bad grammar and bad spelling on a profile, but it is even more off putting in messages, with 1 out of 3 find this to be a turn-off.
  • 1 in 5 people are turned off by a sexual innuendo, whereas cheesy quotes will only put off 5 percent of users.

Of course, now that you've landed that first date, you need to know what to wear, right? The survey tackled that simple question, too, with these being the results.

  • 60 percent of people would be put off by a revealing outfit. For those who do wear something a little more risque, the chances of having a bad date are 25 percent more likely to happen.
  • 42 percent of women said wrinkled or dirty clothing was the biggest turn-off when it came to a first date, whereas men said that a woman with too much make-up was a no-no.
  • 83 percent of people admitted that a good outfit is a crucial part of creating a first impression—so don't look like a slob, guys.

When it comes to dating etiquette—even during the worst and most painful first dates—these are the things that no one should ever do, according to the survey.

  • Checking your cell phone is a major deal breaker, with 30 percent of people saying it shows lack of focus, boredom, short attention span and bad manners.
  • Flirting is absolutely OK—and encouraged—with 92 percent of people saying it's not a turn-off when their date does it.
  • 83 percent of women will wait to be called or messaged after a first date, while men are more than happy to cater to such a request, with 88 percent of them happy to follow-up afterwards—regardless of how it goes.

Yes, first dates can be awkward and bring stress, but these tips from EliteSingles at least make one a little easier on what to expect, what to wear and, more importantly, how one should act.

Now go forth and conquer your next first date with ease!


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