Five Gifts For Your Lady That Will Intensify Your Sex Life

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I know that for most men gift giving isn't exactly a strong suit. In fact, I'm fairly certain most men detest the idea altogether. The problem remains that no matter how much of grievance it is to you, you have to do it. Whether it be for the holidays or birthdays, or ugh, bloody Valentine's Day, gift giving is a staple in relationships. Buying your lady gifts on these occasions will surely make her happy, as I'm sure she too, will have bought you something.

What about gifts for no reason though? Wouldn't that be nice as well? You may be thinking, "Seriously, WTF?" I just mentioned how daunting obligatory gifts can be, now we're talking about ones for no reason?!

Well, hear me out. What if these gifts were not only for your girlfriend/wife? What if they doubled as bonus gifts for you as well, specifically in the bedroom? Ah yes, now I've got your attention.

  1. If you're girl is an avid reader, why not buy her some sex oriented literature? Yeah, Cosmo magazine is great every now and then for pulling out some blowjob tips, but I'm talking something a bit more researched. The Couples' Kama Sutra: The Guide to Deepening Your Intimacy with Incredible Sex is highly rated on Amazon if you're looking for a suggestions.

  2. Naturally, sex toys was going to fall somewhere on this list. Whenever people think of enhancing their sex life, they think of bringing something else between the sheets. With that being said, there are SO many sex toys on the market, how do you know which one is best for both your pleasure? Well, The Liberator Wedge is not only something that you can purchase for sex, but it's something you keep around the house that isn't as startling as say, a dildo. It's meant for a few things, but Target (yes, THE Target) sums it up best here.

  3. Role play is obviously more of a practice than a gift, but it doesn't have to be. If you really want to get into the fantasy then you're going to need costumes and I'm not just talking about your basic lingerie. That's too cliche. Don't worry, here's a link to an affordable place with a variety of different costumes to fulfill whatever you're into.

  4. This one is going to seem a bit lame in comparison to the others, but I promise it will work. While sex can pretty much take place anywhere, it's most often going to take place in a bedroom. With that being said, purchase your lady a set of new, high-thread count sheets or a light dimmer to change the ambience in the room on command. The sexier the room, the more likely you want to have sex in it. Makes sense, right?

  5. We've written about bringing foods into the bedroom before and we stand by our suggestion. Next time you go grocery shopping, buy some ingredients to whip up a nice romantic dinner, but also be sure to buy her some things you wouldn't mind eating off each other.

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