Australian Scientists Discover Rare Flesh-Eating Crustacean — As If The World Doesn't Already Have Enough Sh*t To Deal With

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Imagine you're just chillin' in the water, minding your own business after an exhausting round of soccer, when all of a sudden you feel an odd sensation at your ankles. Not so much pain — just discomfort. As a paranoid person, I would have immediately guessed flesh-eating crustaceans, but poor Sam Kanizay, a 16-year-old Australian native, didn't instantly gravitate toward the worst case scenario. You can't really blame him, really — a vast majority of all things that swim, crawl, and fly in Australia are flesh-eating. I'm sure that's just a regular beach day for Sam — nothing to be alarmed by! Well, when he got out of the water, it was a different story. According to NPR

"It was only when he finally waded out of the water that he discovered what had happened to him: Blood streamed from thousands of tiny pinpricks that littered his legs from the ankle down. And as he hobbled back to his house nearby, he and his father discovered something just as unsettling. 'There was no stopping the bleeding,' his father, Jarrod Kanizay, told The Washington Post. 'We just had to get him to hospital.' Eventually, medical professionals were able to stabilize the situation and slow Sam's bleeding. What took longer, however, was simply figuring out what in the world had caused that bleeding. Doctors and scientists alike were stumped. By the next day, the mystery had made international news."

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