Flight Attendants Use A Secret Code To Discuss Passengers They Want To Join The "Mile High Club" With

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Flight attendants and passengers "get freaky" on planes all of the time, guys. Sometimes, in an especially kinky twist of fate, they join the mile high club together. Of course, these rendezvous go a lot more smoothly if the flight attendant makes the first move. We mean, c'mon, is there anything more uncomfortable than hitting on someone 39,000 feet in the air only to be turned down? Sigh, we seriously can't think of anything worse!

The good news is that we have a little trick that will hopefully prevent that nightmarish situation from ever happening (again). A former flight attendant explained on Australia's Kyle & Jacki O radio show how flight attendants use code to talk about passengers they find especially attractive:

"Obviously when we are in the cabin and we are doing the drinks we can't just be like 'Oh doll check him out. You have to be subtle about it. Because everyone knows their seat numbers, so we’re on the cart and he’ll be like, 'I’m thinking of doing seven days in America… being 'seat 7A'. And I’ll be like, 'yeah, I could do seven days in America!'"

"In reverse, there's also a way to tell if they don't like you. If you ask them for something, they'll respond, "I'll be right back", when they have absolutely no intention of following through with this."

There you have it, gentleman. Keep your ears open! If you overhear some flight attendants secretly chatting about your seat number, take it as a sign to start flirting! If this all completely backfires and you end up embarrassing yourself on yet another flight, we apologize.

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