A Middle Finger For Every Occasion: 100 Different Ways To Flip Someone Off (VIDEO)

Image Via YouTube/WatchCut

WatchCut Video has amassed some serious popularity on YouTube and there's really no question as to why—I mean, who else is out there teaching the people 100 different ways to say "f-ck you" without even saying, "f-ck you"? Yeah, that's what I thought!

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I think we can all remember our first experience with the middle finger. Mine was in Kindergarten. For some reason or another I decided to test the waters one evening before dinner. I knew what I was about to do would garner a negative reaction from my parents, but I couldn't help it! I NEEDED to flip them off. I had it all planned out—I was going to stick up my middle finger arbitrarily and then act like I didn't know it meant something bad. After all, I was like roughly 6-years-old, it's entirely plausible that I hadn't yet learned this social cue just yet. Well, let's just say my parents didn't buy it—I don't recall being punished per say, but I remember a lecture of sorts. Needless to say, I haven't flipped them off since—I just reserve that right for the countless reckless New Jersey drivers who think they own the road.

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If you happen to be like me and live in a state with aggressive driving, then the following 100 moves should come in handy, well, roughly everyday. Even if you take public transportation, these are still pretty useless. Overall, there's really no wrong time to flip someone off, in my opinion. Don't quote me on that—it's your fault if you get fired.

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