The 'Swamp Green' Florida Gators Uniforms Are Being Torched By The Internet For Being Crappy AF

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Here's a note to the Florida Gators football team: wearing gator should not be allowed on the gridiron, even if it's just an exaggerated look. Unfortunately, the Gators aren't a big believer in that themselves, because the team unveiled its "Swamp Green" uniforms yesterday for their upcoming game against the Texas A&M Aggies this weekend and, well... just no.

In an attempt to resemble a real-life alligator, the football team has done more harm than good, because the general public's torching these damn things for being so crappy. After one look at them, you'll absolutely understand why (and probably agree, too).

There have been some interesting college football uniforms over the years, but this Florida Gators gear might just rise to the top of the list for being the most ridiculous. The idea behind them is pretty cool — after all, they're the Gators, so why not dress the team as such? — but, come on, who really thinks an alligator suit is going to look good? Not social media, with people confused, pissed off and generally negative about the design.

The football team's official website tried its best to explain the reasoning behind the design, saying this in a statement following the unveiling, per FloridaGators.com:

Twenty-five years after Ben Hill Griffin Stadium became "The Swamp," the University of Florida football team will take the look of a Gator when they take the field on Saturday.

As the only Division I school in the country named the Gators, UF and Nike officials saw a unique opportunity that has been in the works for over two years. This marks the first time in school history that the Florida football team will stray from its traditional Orange and Blue look that is synonymous with its storied program.

Nike Football designers created and delivered a new alternate look for the team (incorporating the Nike Vapor Untouchable Speed uniform) that takes after an alligator's armored body and channels its ability to be a master of camouflage.

Then the team's official Twitter account sent this out:

Guys, these uniforms took 18 months to design and come to fruition. How? We don't know. That said, it took about 24 hours for the Internet to trash them, so, you know, maybe this whole "Swamp Green" idea wasn't such a good one after all.


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