Florida Prostitute Arrested After Offering Cop A BJ For Taco Bell

Image via News 4 Jax

Remember when, just a couple weeks ago, we told you about that idiotic lady who recorded herself giving oral sex to someone while awaiting to stand trial at a Florida courthouse? Turns out she's not the only lady in the state who might want to rethink her decisions in life.

Guys, meet 47-year-old prostitute Buffy Suzanne Bryan from Jacksonville, who was arrested by an undercover police officer after she tried to trade a blow job for two soft tacos from Taco Bell—which is the equivalent of about $2!

Clearly, ol' Buffy isn't quite the slayer on the ol' penis if she offers her skills for that cheap.

According to News4Jax, cops arrested a total of five women for soliciting sex, with each of them being busted at least twice before for the same crime.

Buffy Suzanne Bryan's the woman in the upper right—and, boy, does she look hungry for some Fourth Meal, huh?!?

Note to self: Never try to buy a prostitute in Jacksonville—because Taco Bell's incredibly delicious soft tacos look a lot more desirable.


Lead image courtesy of News 4 Jax

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