Floyd Mayweather Shows ZERO Game In Attempt To Flirt With Instagram Model

The life of Floyd Mayweather Jr. is pretty cush. Not only does he have an undefeated boxing record to his name—with a developing fight, allegedly, in the works against UFC fighter Conor McGregor—but the dude has a net worth of about $340 million, according to Forbes, meaning he has nothing better to do than, really, just sit around and count his loads of cash.

Of course, he's also been known to hit up social media time and again, with Floyd typically going on rants about McGregor and how he wants the two to sign on the dotted line to get the highly anticipated bout organized.

But, well, Mayweather wasn't doing anything of the sort this weekend, where he was caught flirting with a gorgeous Instagram model by the name of Keysha Luv, who tweeted a photo of herself out with the caption reading: "Feel like Floyd in this May weather.”

So, how did Floyd Mayweather reply? In the most horrendous way possible.

Man, there's no holding back, huh, Floyd? Talk about being as blunt as possible!

This isn't the first time we've seen a pro athlete try something like this, but, damn, it's probably the most obscene way. Needless to say, Floyd Mayweather should probably read a little bit about how to actually chat with women before trying his hand again.

While he does that, let's just take a look at some of Keysha Luv's incredible Instagram pics—because we'd like to try and flirt with her in a more appropriate manner.

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